Replaying ‘The Warriors’ as Rockstar’s Only Movie License Game Turns Ten

Released ten years ago, the Grand Theft Auto makers' take on Walter Hill's cult movie remains a grimly alluring part of their history.

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scark921001d ago

Best Licence game in my opinion, and one of the best Co-Op games of all time.

DaNineTwo1001d ago

Best Co-Op is right. My cousin and I beat it in 2 day and we still played a lot after that too.

Good to see people enjoyed it as much as we did.

Max-Zorin1001d ago

The only movie that had a great video game.

ion6661001d ago

Still have it like new. Love fighting the furies.

1001d ago
Deios1001d ago

Great game! Own both the Xbox and PS2 version.

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The story is too old to be commented.