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Adam Cook: "There’s no question that this will be an expensive hobby, but in (ever-so slight) defense of it, LEGO isn’t cheap, full stop. But to those of you who love it, and enjoy the series (those frightened for their wallets stop reading right now), then really, this is kind of an essential purchase. It revitalises TT’s own series of games, and at a time where I felt the Toys to Life genre was reaching Guitar-game level of progression and exhaustion, makes me think there’s room to manoeuvre once again. Make no mistake: this is a LEGO game with a few minor new additions that is successful because of the actual LEGO and the gateway portal, but it’s a great LEGO game nonetheless, and the most fun I’ve had with LEGO in years."

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Takwin1178d ago

I am waiting to read a lot of reviews before I decide if my 9-year-old daughter will get into this. She loves amiibo and loves legos but does not like Skylanders (no hook for her) and Disney Infinity games are boring for both of us.

I am hoping for a fun game because I can get her this for Christmas and convince my wife that we NEED the Doctor Who sets and the Back to the Future sets.

GodisaGeek1175d ago

For what it's worth, my (I reviewed it for the site) 8 year old loved it, and even my 10 year old thought it was really cool, which surprised me, as all he cares about is FIFA.

They both loved Skylanders but grew out of the series REALLY quickly, and Disney Infinity never really captured either of them.