Xbox Free Games with Gold – October Preview

September is almost over and that means we get a sneak peek at October's Games with Gold selection. Last month’s line-up was probably one of the best we’ve seen, can October follow-up strong? Well... sort of.

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ZeroSkerbo1174d ago

These are all good games, but I've literally played and beaten every one of them at this point

callumjack1174d ago

Damn these are all way late to the party

MPScrimshaw1174d ago

Bummed that I just bought walking dead and now its free. in???

B_Rickaby1174d ago

Takes up less hard drive space with the physical copy but that is bad timing for sure.

shocked6861174d ago

Heard good things about valiant hearts but this month is definitely mediocre

B_Rickaby1174d ago

It seems a little lacking when you get the same game on both X1 and 360.

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