Top 10 Upcoming Games That Should Be On PlayStation VR

With a little over 20 titles for PlayStation VR, most think the selection could be better. Even though Sony's new VR headset launches in 2016, they need a strong line up of both first and third party titles. From 2015 on out, here’s our list of our top 10 upcoming games that should be on PlayStation VR.

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Neonridr1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Outlast 2, No Man's Sky and even the FPS titles would be interesting with VR support. I would have to say No to games like Dishonored 2 and TLOU 2.

subtenko1174d ago

Even with the option to go first person? Just on the subject if they could and had the time to do it without affecting anything else. Kind of like GTA V First person mode; it's there for those who want it, but you don't have to use it.

Neonridr1174d ago

yeah I guess.. I mean technically any game that has a "First Person Mode" could benefit from VR. I just don't feel that games like TLOU should have a first person mode. It plays better as an over the shoulder sort of game.

But hey, more options the better I guess.

subtenko1174d ago

Yea man, I would play it third person first and then first person. Unless Naughty Dog developed with first person in mind. I trust the game devs direction :) See it from their point of view, then Ellie or Joel's, literally hehehe

I felt immersed right from the start of TLOU trying to figure out what was going on. They really created a masterpiece!

DualWielding1173d ago

Only VR titles I am interested on are Summer Lesson and DOA Extreme 3

S2Killinit1173d ago

Mirror's edge and No Man's Sky would be cool in VR. But I think the VR titles will be different games for the most part from the regular ones.

Tsar4ever011173d ago

Alien Isolation
No Man's Sky*
PT Demo
Far Cry 4
Dying Light
Metro Redux
War Thunder
Planetside 2
Mirror's Edge Catalyst*

Basically all the FPS Ps4 games currently I own & want*.

subtenko1173d ago

Planetside 2 would be crazy, so massive! XD Nice to ponder on about. Very cool visuals too. I have my FOV in PS2 right near the max setting. Looks beautiful!

P.T. demo isnt going to happen, thats what Allison Road is for ;)

LifeInNZ1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

It was interesting watch developers at TwtichCon talk about developing for VR. Raised a few things that I was not aware of about how FPS style games need to change a little to be suitable for VR otherwise you get an increased feeling of motion sickness. He attributed motion sickness as to why most games for VR at present have you standing on the spot or being enclosed in some craft or suit.

Will be interesting to see how VR games evolve over the next 2-5 years and how gamers aclimatise to playing them.