Exposing the Horrors of the Pokémon Safari Zone

Alex from GamersFTW writes:

“With all the hype building for Pokémon GO, the investigative reporters over at GamersFTW have decided to release their damning exposé on the horrors they witnessed at the Johto Safari Zone. No doubt, the following piece will be Pulitzer Prize worthy.”

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MrsNesbitt1180d ago

Absolute disgrace. It's all about the money with those guys!

Yukes1180d ago

I'll never consider Pokémon in the same way again...thanks man :P

c00lvilKid691180d ago

Johto Safari Zone is Illuminati confirmed.

ConboyAdam1180d ago

In fairness we did also buy likely stolen Pokemon at the Team Rocket casino...not so sure we were the good guys in Gen 1 Pokemon anymore

c00lvilKid691180d ago

I’m surprised we didn’t regularly chow down on a slowpoke tail to be honest.

GamerGabs1180d ago

Was always suspicious of the Safari Zone, at least we can take them to a Pokemon Center to be properly treated, if we catch them.

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The story is too old to be commented.