PlayStation 4 Games That Should Be Updated with VR Support

PlayStation VR is soon to be released in 2016 while people wait in anticipation. There have been some great games that have been released already on PS4 ever since Sony’s headset was initially announced. With that in mind, here’s our list of PlayStation 4 games that should be updated with VR support.

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S2Killinit1179d ago

Most VR will be new experiences. But its always interesting to imagine what existing games would work well with VR.

Sparta071179d ago

@ s2killinit I agree, image resistance:fall of man or a new resistance. That would be epic!!

Last of us 2 wouldn't work is a third paerson.

Taero1179d ago

Ugh I think that would lead to projectile vomiting very quickly.

S2Killinit1179d ago

Im sure as we go along there will be updates and new techniques to minimize it. Also Its a matter of getting used to it. Its the exact same thing you experience when you get sea sick. Some people will have the stomache for it, others get used to it quickly while others will suffer initially.

yeahright21179d ago

Hmm, most interesting one to me would be everybody's gone to the rapture.
I definitely agree with outlast though.

reallyNow1179d ago

My morbid curiosity would make me re-download Outlast again. Just to crap my pants and assume the fetal position. I'm hoping this doesn't come to PS VR.

DarXyde1179d ago

I still think they should remake Child of Eden for PS4 and PS4 VR. Move alone wasn't accurate enough with the PS Eye, but I have much more faith in the PlayStation Camera. I think that would be a defining VR experience. No Man's Sky would be very interesting, but The Last of Us 2? Can't say I agree.

WheatBread1179d ago

I'd rather see new games made specifically for VR.

subtenko1179d ago

Have anything in mind that you can elaborate on? What you are saying seems like not to include a VR view but literally just a game mode. Makes it sound like a minigame? Idk, I'm trying to understand

WheatBread1179d ago

Pretty much what lashes2ashes and Taero said in the posts below

S2Killinit1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Edit: duplicate comment by mistake

lashes2ashes1179d ago

you can't just update games for VR, most of the games that are going to have VR versions had to be almost remade from scratch, there are tons of articles out there with developers talking about the challenges from porting games to VR, for example first person games have to have all the camera angles re done because the normal placement of the camera made you feel like you were two feet tall and everything was out of relative size.

subtenko1179d ago

Yea it certainly isn't just a flick of a switch, but it shouldn't be THAT difficult for games in first person view already. That is a good visual to bring up though, ya gotta get the POV and height right.

GTA V has a great first person view imo although I think they should get the view back just a bit wider.

Taero1179d ago

Yeah, but your body/brain is NOT going to be happy thinking that it's spinning around/being ragdolled while it feels like it's not moving anywhere. Fast track to being sick as a dog.

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The story is too old to be commented.