Oculus Rift VR headset will cost 'at least $300'

There isn't a big reason to take your money too far ahead of the device,” VP of Product Nate Mitchell told PC Gamer. "What I think about all day long is user experience, right?

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AizenSosuke1030d ago

Makes sense that or $250 dollars.

S2Killinit1030d ago

why is this tagged under PS4?

psforward1030d ago

Doesn't make sense unless someone is implying that Playstation VR will be around the same.

Godmars2901030d ago

You can be certain that when Oculus's price is announced Sony will be right behind.

And likely undercutting by $50.

TeamLeaptrade1030d ago

I kind of expected it to go for that much. Glad it wasn't going to be priced any more than that. I'm okay with the $300 price tag, but I do hope as more VR headsets jump into play, that each one will lower in price to sort of get ahead of one another.

CrazedFiend1030d ago

Read it again. AT LEAST $300.

plmkoh1030d ago

Meh, i'm not going to price beg and let a few hundred dollars stop me. What's more important is if they can convince me the content is worth the money, if it's great then spending more on it is an easy decision.

CaulkSlap1030d ago

Have DK2 already and gonna buy it regardless. But with Facebook money behind them now maybe they should be taking a bit of a loss just to get the ball rolling...

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