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Nick from Pennyworth Reviews writes: "Despite a few niggles here and there NBA 2K16 in an example of just how much can be done with a sports title. Its fluid and realistic looking gameplay should almost be enough, but with so much quality added on, a great story and so much other stuff to do, any fan of the NBA just simply cannot afford to miss out on this game."

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Ognipode1179d ago

Man this is such a huge upgrade if you skipped last year's one

iceman061177d ago

I agree totally. I LOVE the fact that on ball defense actually matters now. 3's don't just rain from everywhere. Help defense is much improved. Even online seems a bit more stable.(fingers jinx!!!)

Ognipode1175d ago

Im just ROYALLY struggling with the MyCareer mode, as no matter what in the heck I do, my player is incapable of sinking shots, it doesn't matter if its a 3, a 3 footer or a lay-up, my current FG % must be around 5% at best, I think I've sunk 3 shots in 4 games in the NBA!? Something has to be wrong, shots seem to go down fine in practice modes and if im playing with a franchise team in exhibition modes

iceman061175d ago

I think, overall, they just made the game a bit more difficult. Open shots are important as ever. Also, hot spots are now more important. I'm not draining them like before...which is good. Also, any fading or drifting causes shots to be off. At least, these are the things that I noticed. I just try not to force anything. Stay within the "system", as they say. It's more difficult than last year. But, I actually enjoy it a bit more. It was a bit unrealistic, in the past, to dominate the NBA in year one or two.