Preparing For The Megaton: Top 5 Perks to Avoid for Fallout 4

PlayStationing writes: "It’s probably safe to say that Fallout 4 is one of the most anticipated games that is coming out this year, and with only a few weeks left till the megaton that is Fallout 4 drops, PlayStationing has decided to try and help gamers on their way with the game by listing a few of the perks you should try and avoid. If you’ve never played Fallout before, Perks are essentially little stat boosters that you can pick every time you level-up (or after a few levels). Of course, we can’t promise that these perks will be in the game, and the perk poster image that Bethesda has released is a little vague, but if they are, it’s best to avoid them, and we’ll explain why."

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DanteVFenris6661175d ago

This was terrible. The author not only assumed it would have the same perks. But also the same glitches... Obviously those problems probably won't be present. Or they assumed perks would work exactly the same way. Maybe the laser melt perk doesn't hurt your allies this time around?

barb_wire1175d ago

Think I'll wait until I'm playing the game, so that I can see which perks work for me.

1175d ago