Here's What Releases are Looking Forward to from Xbox this October

September is drawing to a close which means for some in the UK, it's time to return to school or university after a long break. While it might be heartbreaking to see the Summer disappearing before your very eyes, Microsoft has a handful of goodies coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 to keep you occupied off-timetable.

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Bigpappy1178d ago

Just Halo please. Leave so hope for Élite: dangerous.

XanderZane1178d ago

Halo 5 and Elite Dangerous for me. Going to be a good month.

Rookie_Monster1178d ago

It is all about Halo 5. Elite Dangerous is a nice bonus and heard rumors that Fable Legends will indeed be launched at the end of Oct as well. Great month to be a XB1 owner.