Horizon : Zero Dawn’s Thunderjaw Consists Of 550k Polygons & Stands 24x9 Meters Tall

According to Horizon: Zero Dawn's game director Mathijs de Jonge, the Thunderjaw featured in the PS4 exclusive consists of 550K polygons and stands 24x9 meters tall.


Game director Mathijs de Jonge just confirmed that all creatures in the game will be as detailed as the Thunderjaw

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jon_snow1173d ago

OMG, That's one Thunderjaw, we saw 2 or 3 grazing plus other robotic creatures.
That is really impressive.
GG have great talent of making Visual Stunning games.

VER1ON1173d ago

While I wouldn't compare the amount of polygons featured in a PS3 game to the amount featured in a PS4 title, it's truly impressive what they are doing here.

G20WLY1173d ago

It's very impressive. I love stats, but for me this game is all about the freshness and gameplay. I cant wait to play this.

It's actually eclipsed Uncharted 4 as my most anticipated title now and I'm SUPERHYPED for U4!

Army_of_Darkness1173d ago

Holy crap, Does this mean I have to upgrade to a 80"HDTV??

Dasteru1173d ago

Proof that polys don't mean much past a certain point.

GT5 had 500k polys per car and that was a PS3 game.

ritchi451173d ago

Can't you Google it yourself?

UltraNova1173d ago

Yes but whats the point of having a discussion if you run off finding all answers by yourself?

Chill out my friend!

UltraNova1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

Thank you good sir...

Lets not forget that GT5 was a racing game not a huge dynamic open world game like horizon.

That said, I cannot imagine how many polygons will GT7's engine push on the ps4 considering Driveclub's car models were 250K each with all those real-time effects...

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Psygnosis3331172d ago

Dasteru: don't exaggerate :)You can make high poly model but ingame is different ,they use normal bump maps for more details

Psygnosis3331172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

GT5 uses 500k polys only in garaz maybe..not in game.I use some of the cars in maya they where around 60k i think same with forza 4(hacked game)

Gran Turismo 5
Cars ~500K photomode!

Psygnosis3331172d ago

250,000 polygons for each car in Driveclub is good becouse its ingame ...i think...

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VER1ON1173d ago

I guess it's more the quality of the polygons that matter now.

Dasteru1173d ago

More the art style. Lighting also plays a much larger part than alot of people realise.

DragonDDark1172d ago

You guys think this will release on Fall 2016?