Umbrella Corps isn't the Resident Evil game you were hoping for | Eurogamer

That influence comes across in one of Umbrella Corps' better ideas, an analogue cover-based system that allows you to slowly peek out of cover. Right now, though, it doesn't work too well - the sticky cover is either too sticky or not sticky enough, and you're often left fighting the controls more than you are other players. There's still time to go, of course, but Umbrella Corps' will have a lot to do to win over fans before its release on PlayStation 4 and PC in the first half of next year.

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gantarat1031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

Yep,i expect Capcom Reveal RE 7 (or DMC 5) on Sony's Tokyo Game Show conference.

Shadowgate1031d ago

This is the game I wanted when slant 6 announced raccoon city no respawn horror!

MysticStrummer1031d ago

I stopped hoping for "real" Resident Evil after RE4 was a hit.