Rise Of The Tomb Raider's File Size On Xbox One Is Rather 'Flat'

Rise of the Tomb Raider's file size is listed on the Xbox store, and it's rather small compared to other recent Xbox One titles.

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Alexious1180d ago

Well, it's also coming to Xbox One, might be because of that.

SwiftArsonist1179d ago

ughhh theres always one of you

ISHU1180d ago

It's not the size but the quality that matters.

VER1ON1180d ago

SO true, still I find it interesting that the file size listed is only a bit larger than the size of its prequel, which was an enchanced edition of the xbox 360 game.

WitWolfy1180d ago

Well fair enough TR on Xbone is just like 17GB anyways... So I dont see the problem here...

Dlacy13g1180d ago

Actually when you factor in this game is Single player only and there is no multiplayer unlike the 1st game... 20GB for a single player only experience feels about right imo.

CitizenFour1180d ago

Its funny that people complain when the file size is too big, but now they have to complain when its too small? wtf

TheDrunkenJester1179d ago

Well because it can correlate to not having a lot of content if the size is too small... But I think its only slightly bigger than the last game because they took out that crappy multiplayer.

NeoGamer2321180d ago

I cannot believe that comment gets disagrees.

A perfect example of quality over quantity is Journey on the PS consoles. Sony fans love that game (and I did too), but it sure wasn't a long lasting experience!

jb2271179d ago

Totally agree. What they have shown looks like more of the great gaming we got w/ the last title.

The only thing I worry about is the campaign length. The first reboot had a nicely long epic campaign, and while length isn't everything (or so I'm told) it'd still be nice to have something roughly equivalent in runtime. It was a pretty quick 2 year turnaround between titles so hopefully they had sufficient time to create a superior sequel in every sense.

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Mikefizzled1180d ago

To be fair its a completely single player game that is also coming to 360.

Volkama1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Hurrah for Microsoft, putting consumers first and trying to preserve our bandwidth and hard drive space! They're the best!

All of these "Hard drive space of x game revealed!" articles are awful boring :|

conanlifts1180d ago

I'm more interested in the size of the day 1 patch.....

DragonDDark1180d ago

We all know it will happen -.-

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