Xbox One "Greatest Hits" Games Announced for Japan With Discounted Price

During a press conference in Tokyo, Microsoft announced a line of “Greatest Hits” Xbox One games for the Japanese market.

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FallenAngel19841176d ago

Wow Microsoft is showing interest in trying to improve their fortunes in the Japanese market. We all know how this is going to end though

SaveFerris1176d ago

I'm not sure if this particular offering is going to make much difference in Japan, especially since two of those titles are likely cheaper on PC. In any case, Xbox One needs games that appeal to the Japanese gamers, though unless MS pays for it, what Japanese developer wants to make a game on a system that has barely sold 50k units. To a Japanese gamer who is looking to buy a current gen games console, the lack of local content (software) plus dismal sales, doesn't really show the Xbox One being a 'must buy' nor a long term investment for their hobby. IMO.

deadpools_n641176d ago

I'm gonna give them credit. Even in the face of failure xbox is trying to appeal in japan. The easy route would be to just give up and leave it to nintendo and sony. It's futile for them to continue but I have to acknowledge their "never say die" attitude towards japan. Ben if it's their last big attempt before they give up at least they're putting in some effort to not give up.
I'm not an Xbox fanboy either. I own all three systems (ps4, wiiu,xbox ) I'm a fan of all three on any given day.

Abnor_Mal1176d ago

Not off topic cause its right in the title of the article, but arent MS classic or best selling games refered to as "platinum hits" and not "greatest hits"? - I mean i do get that it is some of their greatest hits it just seems a bit weird to use that term on a xbox game. Maybe its the same guy that stated that the best place to play the indie game collection was on PS.