MS Employee Messes Up; "The Instant Indie Collection Is The Best Way To Experience Indie On PS"

Someone at Microsoft has clearly messed up by stating that the Instant Indie Collection is the best way to experience Indie on Playstation.

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Fro_xoxo1180d ago

eheh looks like someone just copied and pasted a description. Oops.

G20WLY1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Or a Freudian slip? Well, honesty IS the best policy..!

XanderZane1179d ago

That's exactly what happened. Looks like it happened on the German & Dutch sites. So I'm not completely surprised. Time to hire a new person.

FoxyGotGame1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

"...German/Dutch Sites. So I'm Not Completely Surprised"??

Huh, surely you cannot be serious? ...C'mon Xander, you must be smart enough to know that people can be incompetent no matter what location of the World /

inveni01179d ago

I think he means because of a potential language barrier. When it comes to incompetence, the US rules the roost.

Relientk771179d ago

Sony's spy has successfully infiltrated Microsoft

majedx91179d ago

the spy came from MGS V.

Joey_Leone1179d ago

Further proves how lazy some of these devs are

babadivad1179d ago

Well, this non-story is clearly front page material. . .

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VER1ON1180d ago

They Clearly want to sell the game for Sony.

PhoenixUp1180d ago

He wouldn't be wrong lmao