Rise Of The Tomb Raider Might Prey On Gamers' Impatience

If you don't have an Xbox One, you're going to have to wait at least a year before you can play the new Tomb Raider. ...and you just can't stand it, huh?

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gillri1174d ago

I dont have an Xbox One but for the first time ever today (because of Halo 5) I actually thought about buying one, I wont get one until at least late next year because I am not buying a console solely to play 1 campaign of a Halo game and by next Christmasmas there might be a Gears 4 and Quantum break two other exclusives I am also looking forward to

IN terms of Tomb Raider however I might just get it for my Xbox 360 and buy it a second time on the PS4

daBUSHwhaka1174d ago

It really is the perfect time to own both

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sorceror1711174d ago

I look at my backlog as a defense-in-depth against impatience.

Thatguy-3101174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

"Thirdly, we've known for years that if a game is more than a few weeks old in this world, it's "old."

Well I'm not going to rush out and buy an Xbox one to play it so I guess I can stand it. It is what it is but I'm hopeful that xbox owners rush to get this game. Would be a bummer if it doesn't sell good. When games release on platforms at a later date they don't sale as much as it should have when it was first released so it won't get a lot of sells from the other platforms when it reaches them. Don't see it selling close to what the reboot sold

jon_snow1174d ago

Not gonna buy a console for one game. Beside PS4 has so many games coming out DQ heroes, Disgaea 5, Uncharted Collection and Best JRPG releasing on WII U this December having 400plus hours of gameplay so my holiday gaming hour is pretty busy.
So no need for TR as have other game to quench my gaming need.

FoxyGotGame1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Tomb Raider is a great franchise, hard to deny that. But, it's not the phenomenon it used to be. Since TR launches day and date with another highly anticipated game (Fallout 4), and Star Wars Battlefront, Black Ops 3, Bloodborne Expansion, and many other key AAA games will launch in November.

I don't see Tomb Raider having any major impact on PS4 gamer's, but I do envisage MS picking up a ton of new X1 customers due to aggressive ROTR Marketing & Bundles. It'll be interesting exactly what the X1 sales figures are (if MS share them) after the dust has settled. I feel like there's so many great games coming....I myself can 'Definitively' wait 1 year for ROTR. No issues here /

Imalwaysright1174d ago

"But, it's not the phenomenon it used to be."

TR 2013 is the best selling TR game. It sold 3.4 million copies in a month and 8.5 total. TR has never been so big as it is now. Maybe not in pop culture as it was in the past but it certainly is in the videogame industry today.

FoxyGotGame1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

You're far too sensitive, relax! ...and you're definitely NOT always right. No need to get defensive because it's a timed exclusive for 1 year. I understand my comment may have irritated you, because you're factoring 'X1' into your emotions, even though I didn't write anything negative about X1 nor TR.

"TR has never been so big as it is now" ...use some common sense, there's never been as many gamer's as there are now, and TR made a majority of its sales on PS/PC if you really wanna go there! Sales...Ironically, I thought you people hated discussing sales. I really don't like repeating myself, but you just didn't get it. Tomb Raider is NOT the Phenomenon it USED to be, neither in Pop Culture nor in the Video Game Industry.

GTA is a Phenomenon. Not sure what you're trying to achieve here dude /

Imalwaysright1174d ago

I'm not irritated or sensitive about nothing. It seems that you're the one that is irritated and sensitive. Why else would you try to make this discussion about me instead of adressing the topic at hand?

Also, I don't need your common sense. I all I need is facts and numbers are what provide those facts. Numbers say that TR 2013 is the best selling TR game and no amount of spin will ever change that.

BTW you're right. TR isn't as big as it used to be in the videogame industry. It's bigger because the numbers say so.

Lon3wolf1174d ago

"If you don't have an Xbox One, you're going to have to wait at least a year before you can play the new Tomb Raider"

When is the PC version released as I am sure it will be before the PS4 version so you will not have to wait a year.

OB1Biker1174d ago

Yea and its on 360 too so that line is wrong. Im not that much interested in TR tbh and might get pre owned copy at some point.

freshslicepizza1174d ago

pc version is in spring i think

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