EGX 2015: PlayStation VR Hands-on Preview | Power Up Gaming

Chris Mawson writes: "During this weekend’s EGX 2015 in Birmingham, I became the latest writer in what has now become a rather long line of Power Up Gaming staffers to experience PlayStation VR – until recently known as Project Morpheus – first-hand.

Having last experienced virtual reality gaming all the way back in 1998 at the ill-fated SegaWorld London arcade, I was both excited and a little apprehensive about getting ‘heads on’ with Sony’s latest foray into VR ahead of its 2016 launch. While slots to try out PS VR were extremely limited and had to be booked in advance with Sony, with a little bit of good fortune and a slice of cheek, I was able to squeeze in a solid 20 minutes of play time."

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ColonelHugh1174d ago

20 launch titles; that's a pretty respectable number, considering the N4G rumor mill saying 10 yesterday. Perhaps the confusion was from how many were first-party

amiga-man1174d ago

I'm ready when you are Sony, bring it on.

BlueOnBlue221174d ago

playstation vr is looking better and better,can"t wait!!

TLG19911174d ago

I am there tomorrow got my slot booked to try PS VR. really looking forward to it. time to break my VR virginity.

sprinterboy1174d ago

How did you book your timeslot for vr, o go on Sunday and would like to try it

Roaddhogg1174d ago

You were supposed to book in advance via the Playstation website -- details were posted on the EGX site last week, but clearly not very visible as I missed it as well.

HTC Vive has a limited number of walk-up opportunities available, though the queues were massive last time I checked.