NBA 2K16 Update Version 1.01 Bounces Out

PSLS writes: While it’s actual official release is on September 29, more than a handful of basketball fans are already playing NBA 2K16 due to its Early Access promotion.

Checking my PlayStation 4, it seems Visual Concepts has quietly rolled out an NBA 2K16 update called “Version 1.01.” From the patch notes, it doesn’t seem to be anything major, but just stability fixes.

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Wedge191178d ago

These may not seem like much, but they're nice. THey just fix those small things after a game goes gold

Shineon1178d ago

I'm so glad that each doesn't have exclusive rights to NBA like they do for NFL# long live 2k sports

Mike041177d ago

I just hope i dont have to play a game over and over again just to wait for the whole game to install

iceman061177d ago

That DID suck the last time. Then, Live did it this year...and THAT install took FOREVER! (like 6 hours)

Rookie_Monster1177d ago

The update is around 2 gig FYI. Just got the game from Gamestop tonight.