The Best Racing Games Currently Available on PS4

PS4Home: "So, what racing games should you be checking out on the Playstation 4? Here’s a list of the top racing games currently available."

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danowat904d ago (Edited 904d ago )

While describing DriveClub " It plays similar to that of the XBOX racing franchise Forza – it’s familiar in many ways."

No, it's not.

DC is graphically superior and has superior weather effects, but the whole physics engine is in a different ballpark, the two aren't similar.

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user9950279904d ago

nobody who has spent any amount of time playing both of them would say that. At least, not anyone worth taking seriously.

IrishSt0ner904d ago

Yea a much much worse ballpark, you've clearly not played forza. DC does look amazing though, so at least your right there.

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uth11904d ago

Rocket League isn't even a racing game!


This is why I also bought an Xbox one with my ps4. I am a racer without a game on ps4 for simulation racers that is.

jon_snow904d ago

Project cars is best sim racer at the moment and it's multi platform.

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