Was The Sasquatch Peyote Too Hard To Find?

With all the criteria required to find the Bigfoot Peyote "easter egg" some people are questioning if it was even an easter egg because automated data mining was required in order to find it out. And with several cheat codes for the PC version even still outstanding, are some of the mysteries/easter eggs in GTA V too tough?

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Kingdomcome2471178d ago

The requirements, or more so the conditions needed to unlock it are crazy. I'm inclined to believe, that if not for the data miners, people may have never figured it out. Too many random variables involved for anyone to just happen upon it. Over two years of over 40 million people playing the game, many actively seeking this out, as it was believed to be true. Still noone had yet to even come close. Now someone just has to figure out how to get the sasquatch to pilot the U.F.O, lol.