UK Retailer Leaves Thousands Of People Without FIFA 16 On Release Date

It’s one of the worst possible things to happen as a gamer. You are looking forward to a brand new game coming out soon, you have it pre-ordered and you wait in excitement to receive your game on the release date. Then it doesn’t arrive on release date, it’s a horrible feeling. This is what many in the UK are feeling right now as one of the most popular games of the year, FIFA 16 has not turned up for thousands of people in the UK. To say they are not happy about it would be a major understatement.

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SaveFerris1090d ago

Wouldn't it have been easier and potentially cheaper to have just gone to one of the major supermarkets and picked up a copy on release day? It's not like Fifa is a niche title with only a few copies on the shelves.

Rikuide_Furame1090d ago

It's probably cheaper through their site than UK supermarkets in my experience. Easier too. The other plus is that you can often receive the game a day early. I believe there are also multiple versions of Fifa released (bonus packs etc) so it's hard to say which version your local store would have in.

1090d ago
madmonkey011090d ago

£38.99 in my local supermarkets.

skulz71090d ago

Weird. Normally simplygames is the website you go to to get the game 2 days before release date.