Fallout 4 Character System Video And Perk Poster Released

Bethesda writes: "At the heart of Fallout 4 is its character system. Our games are about making the kind of character you want, doing what you want, and having the game allow and reward whatever playstyle you chose. We also want to make those choices meaningful, and at the same time entertaining. To let you plan ahead, try different things, and to compare your choices against others who built different characters."

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idsanty910d ago

"...such as being a leprechaun or taking a stroll with a giant, humanoid rabbit." lmao

NukaCola910d ago

This looks like its going to be the biggest RPG ever conceived. The amount of content in this is insane. I wonder how many rarity perks are in the world as well.

BeefCurtains909d ago

I don't care what system you own. Between The Witcher 3, Destiny, and upcoming Fallout 4, I haven't needed any other game to keep me busy (except for the occasional jaunt around Elite Dangerous on PC).

It's been a great year for gaming.

Crazyglues909d ago

I just need this game already, I've heard enough, in-fact you had me the second he said, "and were happy to announce Fallout 4.."

Nov. 10th is going to be one sweet day... LoL

nX910d ago

Can't believe Fallout 4 is just a few weeks away... definitely my most anticipated game this year, even started another playthrough of New Vegas recently :D

GigawattConduit910d ago

I'm fully prepared to fake my own death to really dive into this game

No Way910d ago

I can help you with that. Just send me $5,000 a week before.

_-EDMIX-_909d ago

lol good man. Playing it right now on Steam!

N0TaB0T910d ago

I'm ready for war to never change, never ever change!

ZaWarudo910d ago

Gonna max that Bloody Mess perk.

_-EDMIX-_909d ago

YES! BEST PERK! I was thinking of that perk the second the video started!

N0TaB0T909d ago

That moment in VATS when it zooms into your PC aiming and blasting the enemies head/whole-body into chunks. Delightful.

Count_Bakula910d ago

Weeks to go and I've seen nothing about third-person enhancements during development. I guess all they did was improve FPS stuff. Is FPS the majority? Sure, fine, but still disappointing they're not focusing on other groups of people who would consider getting the game for full third experience.

Sketchy_Galore910d ago

isnt it enough that we tolerate your sick perversions? Now we have to make special allowances for them? Sorry but it's wrong. It's wrong to play these games in third person and I don't care who hears me say that, I've had enough of this political correctness.

Count_Bakula909d ago

Sorry bub but it was wrong to change the camera angle from Fallout 1 and 2, the true Fallout games. But Bethesda was spineless and had no integrity for their franchise. They completely altered the franchise in order to cash in on the FPS sheep for Fallout 3. It's not so much to ask that they put in the same development care for third-person as they have for the laziest game genre mechanics.

OB1Biker910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

Yea I'm hoping it's a good 3rd person view experience since first person view is not for me (except for VR that would feel more natural to me)

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The story is too old to be commented.