Destiny: hidden exotic Black Spindle acquired solo

The Legend Himself has lived up to his handle once again. The same fellow who solo’d Crota’s End on hard back before The Taken King, as well as performing a number of other impressive feats in Bungie’s Destiny, has now done by himself what many Destiny players (myself included) failed to do with two other people.

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Christopher1174d ago

I have to admit, regardless of his gear and light level, I feel really like I'm just a bad gamer now after watching this. Tried it with a 3-man team of 280-290 light people, we couldn't pull it off because we just didn't have enough damage on the guy. We even dropped weapons of light on the boss twice and still couldn't do enough damage to take him down. Looks like 300+ light to do some better damage on the guy.

And, yes, I'm sure many people around our light level did it "with ease" or something, but it's also about having the right weapons in the game. Some of us just don't have a good variety of weapons still.

ABizzel11174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Don't feel bad, it's pretty hard without teamwork, that being said from what we noticed you get less adds when there are less people playing.

We did it 3 man at first and adds spawned faster, and Taken Psions split into duplicates MUCH faster.

After taking hours to beat it, we did it two man, and there was significantly less splitting between the Psions, and adds weren't as aggressive / numerous. It took us a few hours (about 3), but it was always doable with just 2 people, moreso than a full fire team. We ended up cleaning the boss, then getting another player to join in at the last minute to get our 3rd, and so they could get it.

Finally we tried again with a full fire team......because someone just wouldn't listen and let us beat the boss first, and we ran out of time to get him the sniper.

I was 291, the other 288, and the 3rd's were 280 - 300, but it was always easier with just us 2, because we play so much alike and we know what they other instinctively needs.

This is impressive, and I want to try it out myself.

But here are the things that help.

1. Exotic Sword....preferably maxed and Solar (most enemies have fire shields, only Cabal have arc (I think 3 / 4 the entire time) and Wizards have void (only in the 2nd room). Everyone else has Solar, so the Solar sword works best. The swords slice down enemies of every kind like butter.

2. Secondary needs to be a shotgun for max damage and as fast as possible. Again preferably Solar, although Arc will work as well against the Cabal in the final room (void is only good for the second room so switch out). A sniper really isn't worth it unless you have a full team popping the boss IMO, and once of high impact like Black Spindle..... or 1000-Yard Stare on sale at Vanguard (robot in the air hangar) since they regen magazine. Fusion's are too slow, but Telesto does good damage to the boss, it's just harder to kill the adds with it.

3. The Warlock is the King of PvE, lol

Christopher1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

To your #3, I'll never give up my Nightstalker. Never! Love that subclass way too much.

Surprised to hear that having fewer is easier. Too bad we didn't try that.

Edit: And, yeah, we were running with shotties and swords.

n4rc1174d ago

Always been that way.. damaged scaled differently.. Remember they needed a hotfix because people figured out soloing or 2 manning the nightfall was way easier then with 3 do they adjusted it

ABizzel11174d ago


Yep, I use to solo Nightfall all the time, by myself.

Christopher1173d ago

@n4rc: Yeah, and they hotfixed it. I thought that meant they fixed it across the board, not just for Nightfalls.

n4rc1173d ago

yeah.. but the taken as a new enemy seems to have thrown a wrench into it again

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LAWSON721173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

If it makes you feel better man, me and a friend spent almost all day doing the challenge and did not succeed after trying with 3 others until almost 3AM.

All of us were averaged around 288, blows my mind one person accomplished this. Beat it with a whopping 3 seconds to spare

maybelovehate1174d ago

Well my group of three wasn't as fast, but we were much cleaner. So take that legend : P