Frozen Free Fall Xbox One Review – Worth Every Non-Penny (UpItHQ)

Frozen Free Fall is a hit Disney game following the characters of Frozen. This game is a free-to-play title which means fans can play the game for free but have the option to buy in on certain functions of the game. Recently, Frozen Free Fall made its debut on consoles. This game had been downloaded millions of times via mobile platform. Now those who prefer a console game can get their download on as well.

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DirtyPete1175d ago

This game is really fun. Its a Disney princess game and Im a dude saying its fun... should I be ashamed?

AudioEppa1175d ago

Same and I got no shame In my game :)

I love playing this game and if for some reason it's more fun on ps4 than wasting my phone battery playing it lol

Kribwalker1174d ago

Tried it out when I got home, seems pretty fun. Do the lives reset at a specific time or do you have to buy them all

N0TaB0T1175d ago

I guess they'll never LET IT GO any time soon?

Okay. I'll go jump off a cliff for that one.

KiwiViper851175d ago

Might show this to my daughter, Sounds like the controls might be a bit hard for her tho. Shes 2.5

Kribwalker1175d ago

My 1.5 year old watches her brothers (14/8) play games all the time and wants to steal my controller all the time, I give her a spare controller and she runs around with it, she's tried peggle, and loves watching me play banjo kazooie, maybe she'd like this one too

Crazywhitie1174d ago

Wasn't this a phone game first.