Minecraft Announced for Oculus Rift

Minecraft seems to be a perfect fit for Virtual Reality, and in fact during the Oculus Connect keynote Oculus VR CEO Palmer Luckey announced that the game is going to come to the Rift.

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bunt-custardly1058d ago

I unofficially played Minecraft on my DK 2 and it was incredibly immersive to say the least. Good call making it official.

Abriael1058d ago

It was inevitable. I actually expected it earlier.

OpieWinston1058d ago

We all knew that this was going to happen when MS and Oculus partnered up for Rift.... Minecraft would hit it soon.

Notch may have been against it but now it's a reality.

_LarZen_1058d ago

This is going to be so much fun :)

OB1Biker1057d ago

It would make sense to support PSVR too.

XiMasterChief1057d ago

Well considering Minecraft is owned by Microsoft.