Valve: 'It isn't by Coincidence' That VR Input Devices are Similar

VRFocus - The UK's largest videogame show EGX started today, and Valve has a developer session taking place dedicated to virtual reality (VR). During the session, hosted by Chet Faliszek, he has been revealing details the HTC Vive designs and how the developer came up with its motion controller input method. Talking about the controllers, Faliszek mentions the similarities between the main head-mounted display (HMD) manufacturers designs.

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timmyp531175d ago

of me playing sports champion in college. haha good times.

bouzebbal1174d ago

Sports Champions was a very fun experience.
I really like the 3D tracking of Move controller. It rarely fails. It's pure awesomeness with Kollzone 3.

Thatguy-3101175d ago

At the end of the day all these companies behind the VR push want it to take off so wouldn't be surprise if they give each other a few pointers here and there. I'm really hoping the thing does take off so they can offer various types of new experiences.

nitrogav1174d ago

Gotta say Sony's Move controller's look way better than the competition. Glowing coloured ball's are gonna win all day. Seriously though they were ahead of their time with a proven record too. Killzone 3 worked fantastic with em.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1171d ago

Lasers tho /S

Obviously big balls make everything better? Angus and Malcolm young would agree with you ;)

mogwaii1174d ago

Im wondering if they'll bring out new version of move or just stick with the old ones, thats why I delayed buying move contollers now for cheap.