Nvidia and AMD go head to head in new Fable Legends DirectX 12 benchmark

With Windows 10 now finally supporting the graphical API that is being said to bring a new dawn of visuals to gaming, we’re going to start seeing more and more games make use of DirectX 12. The API gives developers a much greater level of control over graphical processes, with low-level access unlocking new frontiers of performance on both Nvidia and AMD cards. The first demo using DirectX 12 – Ashes of the Singularity – painted a scary picture for modern Nvidia cards and a pleasant one for the struggling AMD, but was that just a case of one test favouring a side over the other?

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jonivtec1149d ago

No comparaison with dirext 11....whats the point....

Grap1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

because Fable Legends doesn't support dx11, anyway what's the point now comparing dx11 with dx12 we already it can double the performance in best condition.

jonivtec1148d ago

I will believe it when i see it;)

RedDeadLB1149d ago

Pointless test all around.

bluzone1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

DX12 looks very good for AMD.
This is a NVidia gameworks/UE3 collaboration.
To see what I mean check out this

impet251149d ago

There is no dx11 comparison because this game is exclusive to dx12 and win 10. So there's no way of knowing how it performs on dx11.

FlyingFoxy1149d ago

I expected Nv to perform better in the UE4 anyway, they usually do. This bodes well for my 980Ti and should lap it up @ 1080p since even the 970 upper midrange card is doing well.

Would like to see performance of the Ashes benchmark when Nv release their new drivers too, but considering the 980Ti matches/beats the Fury x even with its big boost in dx12 is impressive.

Ace Killa 081149d ago

WTF are you talking about with your first few sentences.

". These cards are fairly different from each other, and most notably the GTX 970 is considerably more powerful than the R9 380 on most days. So instead of using direct comparisons between the testing on these two cards (since that would, ultimately, not be accurate), it’s instead better to take note of the percentage in performance differences as the benchmark scales up the resolution. "

From the very beginning the Nvidia card had the upper hand. They are not even the same price range. the AMD 380 for $240 and GTX 970 for $340. Of course it's going to do better.

Your whole "they usually do" doesn't apply here. It's a new technology the only games that currently use this engine are in alpha or early access. This one benchmark is kinda the first the tech demo's aren't meant to be used for benchmarks.

Did you just want to flash your 980Ti in a random comment?

Before you say AMD fanboy I have a GTX 970

bluzone1149d ago

well said. I was thinking pretty much every thing you said.
nice card by the way.

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