Shenmue 3 In Playable Testing State, But Not For The Public; Producer Talks Physical Release

According to Shenmue 3's producer Cedric Biscay, a Shenmue 3 stage is in a playable testing condition, but not for the public just yet. Biscay also had something to say about a physical release for Shenmue 3.

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Josuey1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Never thought this was already in a playable state. Looks like a 2017 release date is possible.

MasterCornholio1181d ago

I hope so to. And the same goes for FF7 which is also rumored to release in 2017.

ocelot071181d ago

On the kickstarter it says delivery (for the physical edition December 2017.

Satyre281181d ago

Sorry but a playable state means nothing lol. A playable game can be made in less than an hour. Missions, the environment, animations, NPCS, story. H=hopefully its a 2017 release but dont think anything crazy just because its in a playable state.

VER1ON1181d ago

Biscay talked about a playable stage which was sufficient enough for him. I surely hope development is well underway.

GameDev11181d ago

Well it is certainly something if there are missions, environments, animations and more like you said. But a playable state is definitely progress but it certainly doesnt mean nothing.

Playable state could be from early prototype to Alpha progress which means a lot for Shenmue 3 considering we didnt know anything about it months ago

Smootherkuzz1181d ago

Not bringing this game to xbox one is a slap in the face to the games fans that supported this game from the start of the series. Just not right.

Spikeantestor1181d ago

The game STARTED on Dreamcast. It CONTINUED on Dreamcast. The 2nd game was then ported to Xbox.

MasterCornholio1181d ago

Your right about that. Peter Moore getting a job at Microsoft helped bring the game over to Xbox.

But the truth is that its a Japanese game so its only normal for a Japanese developer to want to focus on PC and PS4 first before thinking about Xbox. And when you take into consideration the Ones situation in Japan the decision becomes a lot clearer.

S2Killinit1181d ago

I think most of its fans would be on Playstation anyway. Also, they needed crowd funding and so it might be hard for them to make the game for both consoles, so they will instead focus on one console and maximize their efforts to make it a proper Shenmue game. Xbox fans can play it on PC though so thats good.

MadMax1181d ago

I backed it, but still think the game should've been made today for Dreamcast! They are still making some great games for it like Gunlord and Sturmwind!

Both which are awesome titles i own!

someOnecalled1181d ago

When has a PS game succeeded on kickstarter? Even games with Ps4 as a milestone hardly make it. I'm pretty sure you know what platform fanbase support crowdsourcing. I sure you can remember what fanbase stayed downplaying it and early access until this happen. H:Hour didn't even make the ps4 milestone and we always hear how socom is so important to PS gamers.

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Stringerbell1181d ago

Since Sony is handling distribution and marketing for the game I'm pretty sure that agreement comes with the stipulation that it wont be appearing on a competitors console. More business than a slap in the face. If you dont have a PS4 then you have the PC option.

VER1ON1181d ago

Or generate even more revenue by making a deal to release it on XO as well, published by Sony

_-EDMIX-_1180d ago

I don't even think its just that. Merely based on sales, XONE just doesn't get a lot of great sales in Japan.

I mean...what Yakuza title came to XB? Consider that title many times isn't even coming to the WEST! Soooo why would it be coming to XB? OH BUT SHENMUE 3? The title that is even LESS popular then Yakuza?

That is just a huge lolz ,no.

I'm not sure if Sony is publishing or Sega ,either way its very, very unlikely it will be on XB, PS fans still waiting for Yakuza Zero and Kenzin lol

LOGICWINS1181d ago

Felt the same way when Shenmue 2 went to Xbox. Then I just sucked it up and bought an Xbox. I suggest you do the same thing with the PS4. Shenmue is one of the few franchises I'd buy a console for.

_-EDMIX-_1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

"supported"? LOL! When? Just like those same fans supported Onimusha or MGS2 when it was on XB? I'm sorry but you have to strongly consider that they are merely treating that crowd the same way that crowd treated them.

They are a business, they can't afford to bring a title to a system KNOWN WORLD WIDE for doing poorly with Japanese sales.

I mean....did you see a Yakuza title on XB? Yet that series is to what many people believe the spiritual successor to the Shenmue IP being greatly far more successful then it.

From the "start"? Huh? Only Shenmue 2 came to XB, not Shenmue 1, so no.

Also getting a port from Dreamcast doesn't some how make the team and publisher just have this ode to go out of their way and continue to lose money just because of "FEELINGS" Please...take your feelings else where......this is business.

Like I always say, keep your emotions at the door when regarding business. Your point just sounds like a salty child. Sega's titles didn't make money on XB, clearly not enough for them to keep making titles for it going BANKRUPT JUST FOR um "FEELINGS" because some Dreamcast titles got ported to it.

That is not how business is conducted, that is like getting burnt by fire, seeing it hurts...then doing it again. Why should any damn publisher keep losing money on an IP to an install base that doesn't buy said IP, JUST BECAUSE the first or second title was on that companies platform?

So what?

It was on XB...clearly it didn't do well enough for Sega to continue such a deal as they got not much in return compared to with PS platforms. As to why they have many titles PS only. They are again after all a business, not your friend, to confuse the two speaks volumes.

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S2Killinit1181d ago

Shenmue is actually happening. I cant believe it!

Ive already preordered through kickstarter but i think i will get a second copy so i can use it as a gift to my brother for christmas 2017, i think im doing the contribution that puts his name in the credits. That would be a unique gift i think.

Pillsbury11181d ago

Do it, it will probably be the best present he's ever gotten if he's a SHENMUE fan.

Pillsbury11181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Already have my physical copy for ps4 ordered on kickstarter.

At least it will give me time to replay 1 & 2 before its come out.

Look on the bright side of life now we all have something to anticipate.

S2Killinit1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

I wish i still had my dreamcast. Im just glad that Shenmue is becoming a reality. Im thinking of picking up a second hardcopy of it as a christmas gift. It would be unique thats for sure especially if you get the version where they add your name to the credits! IMMORTALITY! lol

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