Pachter Basics - Could we be Console-less by the Next Gen?

In light of Michael Pachter's discussion at DICE Europe last week, the Spark's take some time to examine his prediction of a console-less future in which gaming is directly accessed via Smart TV's or set top boxes and the like. Would millions more Gamers dive in, would a change like this herald a new dawn of gaming but most importantly, could a potential lack of new consoles ruin Christmas morning?!

Antony and Darren get very excited about the release date announcement of Jonathan Blow's latest work, The Witness and speculate and look forward to what we hope will be another fantastic experience.

Also on this week’s podcast Darren and Antony discuss the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront beta. The Sparks imagination runs wild at the rumours of a Microsoft ‘toys to life’ contender, plus we have news of more Arkham Knight DLC than you can shake a Batarang at!

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stuna11176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Could he be clueless by next gen!? My bad I retract the question, he's already clueless this gen.

Consoles will be around as long as there is money to be made off of physical copies of games! The infrastructure is just not there for 100% game streaming and there hasn't been an actual baseline set for game streaming cost; meaning enough people haven't jumped onboard to make it cost effective for your everyday consumer. A physical copy of a game ensures that consumers have some sort of guarantee of ownership. Plus the technological side of a stream based streaming service will more than likely set the fidelity, resolution and frame rates of games back to last gen standards because of less powerful components used in TV's and or set top boxes.

OB1Biker1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

I agree and I hope people dont get tricked into the all digital rip off.
Also I think VR is going to be even more mainstream in the next few years and you need a platform for that. I think PS5 will be a thing but maybe Ms will have a more PC like gaming machine.

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s45gr321175d ago

Sorry, but there's nothing left for consoles to offer as far as hardware is concerned. In 2020 PS Now and Xbox live will be gaming services a la Netflix.

3-4-51175d ago

The physical consoles for next gen are already in development.

Pachter wants people to believe this way because he personally makes money from saying it.

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N0TaB0T1176d ago

The industry is profitable. That is all.

Why even jump to this conclusion.

Bhuahahaha1176d ago

i think packhead is forgetting one thing

each generation the console is evolving and adopting
thats the reason why it will survive

s45gr321175d ago

If overclocked tablet hardware


is evolution ok

Kingdomcome2471175d ago

This guy... is just something else. Broken clock, blind squirrel, etc... etc... Who actually pays this guy? I think that he may actually be Tidux on the low.

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