Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Rise of the Tomb Raider

Based on what we've seen in our limited hands-on, our take is that much of the engineering effort poured into the creation of the previous game has clearly been put to use with this sequel, so what we're looking at here is a refined improvement over the Definitive Edition but maybe not the generational leap we might have hoped for. Still, the addition of snow deformation, improved TressFX, volumetric lighting, and various other features clearly makes for a more impressive looking game overall - and previous sequences promise so much more. Either way, we'll be sure to cover the game in more depth when it launches this November.

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Ragingfighter11175d ago

I would say that the game is going to be amazing they have a very good baseline to continue which is the original reboot of this franchise. I think there should not be comments really made out of playable demo because it is not done. Another thing to consider with both of the systems is it will be bottlenecks based on system ability and limitations on how well a game can implement some amazing new stuff. More dynamic she went to a game the more requirements it will take due to code writing as well. I look at it like this if they can make a better then the definitive edition that's a major upgrade because the original one in my opinion was a phenomenal experience.

StanLee1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Just watched Mary's feature on the game over at I can't wait to play the game. I recently replayed the Definitive Edition to 96% completion. I loved the reboot and I'm more than impressed by the sequel. The areas are bigger and more dynamic, there are no side quests to gain allies. They've managed to top the first and that's impressive.

dirkdady1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Honestly doesn't really looks like it's pushing the bar higher in general, but looks pretty decent regardless.

Army_of_Darkness1175d ago

I thought the first game-play reveal footage looked amazing but as I see more and newer direct videos of this game it seems too look less amazing and more decent(graphically), kinda like a slight improvement from the previous one... But regardless I can't wait for the PS4 version(hopefully it'll be 60fps like the last:-)).

starchild1175d ago

It looks amazing. Easily one of the best looking games thus far. I think your console allegiance is playing a big role in why you're trying to downplay this game.

TheGreatGamer1175d ago

This game looks phenomenal, cannot wait to play it this November!

gfk3421175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )


This game looks very very similar with TR DE, IMO.

I don't bash X1, it's just a very sincere opinion and shows how little work has been done to the engine.

And this is without mentioning what DF pointed out: fps dips, tearing, bad AF and sub-optimal post-process anti-aliasing solution, dynamic resolution, poor (wall) explosions.

lastking951175d ago

It dipped to 28fps get the cops lol other than the bad wall explosion gameplay looked phenomenal.

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Foehammer1175d ago

Overall DF seems very impressed.

Aside from what they term as a "little nit-picking", the game really looks and performs great.

Nice to see shooting an enemy in the leg provides an expected reaction.

Looking forward to playing it soon.

christocolus1175d ago

Yup. The previews have been very positive. You should read vg247 and gameradars preview of the game. They all liked it. I'm happy for CD. I hope the game does very well.

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