Rainbow Six: Siege Beta Gameplay Video

Skewed and Reviewed have posted video from the Rainbow Six Siege Beta. The PC video shows the features of the pending game and all sorts of new features that should delight fans of the game upon release.

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wakeNbake1174d ago

Anybody get their codes yet?

sevilha821174d ago

If you're gmail check your promotions inbox, some are being re-directed there.

wakeNbake1174d ago

Yup thats exactly it, thanks man.

Summons751174d ago

I got mine, but I'll have to wait until tomorrow to play....stupid internet.

alfcrippinjr1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

this beta is yawn so boring its unreal

have more fun playing bad company 2 online.

go here disable the bomb and go here protect the bomb.

the match making idea is soooooo crap its unreal

hopefully the offline story will be good.

Garethvk1174d ago

I was worried it was just me. I was bored but I put it down to it not being my ideal style. I like the run and gun, fast moving shooters. The tactical pacing was more like Counter Strike to me and I am not a fan of waiting until the end of the round when you die. That being said, I loved using the ropes to go up and down the building, and I liked climbing down and capping that one guy camping by a door. As you can see though, the game almost rewards those who seal themselves in and camp. Not an ideal gameplay scenario for me.

Th3o1174d ago

what the hell was this recorded on? bitrate?:S I've seen 240p videos that looked better.

Garethvk1174d ago

Thank You Tube Compression. It was recorded in HD by Shadowplay and had to be reduced in Windows Movie Maker to meet You Tubes upload requirements, as I was not going to wait 6 hours for the full upload.

Th3o1172d ago

That makes it a bad compression unfortunately, not youtube's fault. There are plenty of videos that don't look like this.