FIFA 16 Vs PES 2016: Which is the better game?

A FIFA blogger and a PES expert argue for their favourite football game of the year.

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Dfooster1178d ago

The way the opposition plays against you in PES is a thing of beauty. One game they are parking the bus and you're trying to find a way through the next game it's end to end. The gameplay is superb, and if you bother to update the kits in the edit mode to the official ones then FIFA really doesn't have a lot left it can shout about. Yeah the official licences in FIFA are nice but I wouldn't swap that for some of the awesome moments I've experienced on the pitch in PES.

VoiceMale1178d ago

Thank you for saving me the time to type the exact same thing....

PurpHerbison1178d ago

I often hear PES is the better game, but everyone I know plays FIFA. Why is that?

Horseheadinthebed1178d ago

Official FIFA licensing I expect...

Dfooster1178d ago

It used to be the same in the PS3 days but the other way around. Everyone was playing PES when FIFA was the better game. I think it was FIFA 08 when it overtook PES but it wasn't really until FIFA 10 that everyone finally jumped ship.

I guess some people prefer product loyalty whereas I prefer to buy the best football game available and currently it's PES for me.