Edge 285: Remedy's time-warping Xbox One epic Quantum Break raises the bar for photorealism

Edge Staff:

"Remedy has made a name for itself as something of a risk taker. The studio's focus on injecting fresh videogame slants into established fiction genres (Max Payne's Bullet Time noir, Alan Wake's torchlit schlock horror) continues unabated in its latest game, Quantum Break, which aims to enliven the sci-fi cover shooter with a selection of time-bending tools. But Quantum Break also represents Remedy's greatest risk so far, as the ambitious mix of game and TV show makes explicit the studio's fondness for merging the worlds of videogames and other media."

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SaveFerris911d ago

This game could be the next big hit for Xbox One. The game mixed with the TV show could set a trend for future games.

Hoffmann911d ago

When is it getting released?

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XBLSkull911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

April 5, 2016

SirJoJo911d ago

LOL That was actually funny, for you anyone that actually got it, most probably wouldn't.

raggy-rocket911d ago

Lol all the disagrees for asking a question


Hoffmann911d ago

Gaming communities in 2015 <3

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Cherchez La Ghost911d ago

Now Remedy have several months to work on optimization. One of my anticipated games on 2016.

Convas911d ago

Definitely one of my most anticipated for 2016!

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The story is too old to be commented.