Rainbow Six: Siege - Closed Beta Starts September 24th On All Platforms

It’s been a few months since our last major test during the Closed Alpha, and we’re excited and humbled to bring the game back to you to test on all platforms, with new and updated content for the Closed Beta which starts tomorrow around 9am Eastern (exact times may vary depending on region) and will run through Monday, September 28th. We know this is a relatively short testing period, but we decided that this would be enough time to identify the issues we need to address without tying up our development team for too long as they work to ship the game for a December 1st launch.

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Chopstickjoystiq1029d ago

Its almost 4pm and i was "confirmed" for the beta and havent got my code yet... I wonder when they will go out and if they have i wonder if anyone hasnt got theirs like i havent?

Swiggins1029d ago

No code for me either, and none of my friends have gotten theirs as well.

I'd guess their gonna send them out later tonight.

Julion07151029d ago

My friends got their codes I still have yet to receive mines I know how you guys feel lol checking email every 5-10mins suck

Sarah_Ch1029d ago

Same here, I registered for ps4 and X1 no code yet.

PSIN4MANT1029d ago

Glad I'm not the only one, I was "confirmed" as well.

22CobraKing1029d ago

Check your email, I barely got mine right now.

Bigpappy1029d ago

I have a feeling this will be the first RB6 I will be skipping.

badboyz091028d ago

I signed up over 1month ago and still no code. Did you get yours yet?

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Chopstickjoystiq1029d ago

well then maybe the beta starts the 25th? that sounds better in my head since thats probably when we will get the code... Atleast we can watch other people having fun and live streaiming it while we twiddle our thumbs

SuperbVillain1029d ago

i just bought rainbow 6 vegas 2 on steam :)

Summons751029d ago

Return it while you still can for a better Rainbow Six game

SuperbVillain1028d ago

i loved the first vegas but im sure those servers are completely dead...Vegas 2 still has some players

ExplodingJuice1029d ago

I just got my code. Check your emails.

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The story is too old to be commented.