[ABG] Michael E Michael - Use Fists, Dance Moves & Lasers In MJ Vs MJ Arena Combat

Michael E Michael pits two Michael Jacksons against each other in intense one-on-one Michael Vs Michael moonwalking arena battles armed only with your fists, your lasers and your dance moves.

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heedstone1174d ago

not sure if I'll be able to Beat It ;)

hairycodemonkey1174d ago

Haha, that pun was really 'Bad'

DiscoKid1174d ago

It's nothing compared to 'The Way You Make Me Feel' with your own bad puns.

Enigma_20991174d ago

I want you all to "Leave me Alone" until we get an arcade perfect port of Moonwalker.

heedstone1174d ago

You Are Not Alone! I heard they were doing that, but it got cancelled. They blamed it on the sunlight, blamed it on the moonlight, blamed it on the good times....

Enigma_20991173d ago

It got canceled?!?!? man, that's "2 Bad".... and if I knew who was responsible for that, you d*** sure better believe they would be "Threatened!"

... screw it! I gotta know! "WHO IS IT?!?!?'