The Latest On Yakuza 6 To Be Revealed On September 28

Sega announced that they’ll show more on the recently announced Yakuza 6 through a NicoNico Live stream on September 28, and we’ll get a first look at scene featuring legendary Japanese actor Beat Takeshi.

The NicoNico Live event will show an extended look from what we saw at the Yakuza 10th Anniversary Theater they showed for Tokyo Game Show 2015 last week, and it’ll include a first look at the character that Beat Takeshi will portray in the upcoming game.

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DarkOcelet1175d ago

There is only one thing i want Sega to reveal...


caseh1175d ago

Yakuza Zero first though!

Hoffmann1175d ago

Yakuza 5 first though (its still not here)

SaveFerris1175d ago

I want Yakuza Ishin to be localised.

caseh1175d ago


That's already been confirmed we just gotta wait for it though. :/

yewles11175d ago

Hopefully after this, we can finally get that Yakuza 5 release date.

paul-p19881175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Hopefully we get a release date for Yakuza 6, followed by a western release date for Yakuza 5, and localisation plans for the other Yakuza games?

One can dream right?!

yeahright21175d ago

never even gave yakuza a shot until I got part 4 on PS+, now it's one of my favorite franchises.
Now I've been hoping for localization for this, yakuza 5, zero and the new fatal frame.
2 for 4 so far.