Microsoft vows that Halo 5 multiplayer will be 'rock solid'

Halo 5: Guardians won’t suffer the same troubled launch as its predecessor, Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

That’s the pledge from Kevin Franklin, design director for the game at 343 Industries, who told MCV the studio had learnt from its mistakes releasing the Halo compilation.

“The Master Chief Collection was a very big challenge and a real learning experience,” he said.

“It was an incredible technical challenge to put different Xbox and Xbox 360 tech into one game and we learnt a lot through the issues we had with matchmaking.”

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4Sh0w1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Yeah because they arent trying to run 4 different games under 1 seamless game hub with online multiplayers that span across 2 platforms, and played on a 3rd....I give them credit for such an ambitious effort.

Fro_xoxo1177d ago

Someone on this site actually understands why there was problems on MCC.

MCC was ambitious.. . 4 games of each with their own multiplayer..

Halo 5 is only one game, it should be fine on day one.

Eliseo6761177d ago


Even other companies looked how troublesome it would be and left 1 single multiplayer.

Seeing MCC have support even to this day is amazing.
Can't wait for Halo 5.

jb2271177d ago

I don't necessarily think it's on the consumer to make concessions for ambition. If devs can't feasibly hit those marks and make the systems work at launch, then they should delay until the game was properly polished. I can try to write a rock opera but if its garbage people wouldn't say "well he was working really hard so there's no need to mention that he failed". That said they should have an easier time w/ making Halo 5 the best it could be, and it's commendable that they were willing to delay BTB in order to make sure that was the best possible experience, so that's definitely a good sign. I'd say the game looks pretty great at this point, should be rock solid for an October launch by now.

4Sh0w1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

"I don't necessarily think it's on the consumer to make concessions for ambition."

-Of course not, they were wrong for the early problems, but it was fixed. That said its much more tolerable when a AAA game like the Wichter3 for example has some minor issues vs lets say the so many next iterations of COD games which many times used the same engine and many assets over and over again....and that's the point, any game that is unplayable regardless of ambition is BS on the devs part but I'd take a game that strives to break new ground AND has early hiccups vs a boring, short 1080p game that does essentially nothing worthwhile other than focusing on visuals and yeah OK no major performance hiccups. btw, there are many examples of delayed games since the start of this gen that STILL did not turn out well, sure its helpful but it does not necessarily equal a better product, because like any other development process they can make change direction and make decisions that lower the quality/features from what is was before. In general Beta's do more for fixing online issues than delays, that was likely their bigger mistake, but that's not what you suggested.

CONTEXT ALWAYS MATTERS. Again its a simple concept if a client paid 2 different individuals the same amount to complete 2 similar projects and one did a standard cookie cutter layout which of course will do, while the other delivered a flawed product that looked and sounded amazing to the client, its very reasonable to think that many clients would prefer the guy who challenged the status quo to at least introduce something nobody else has even tried....especially when he fixed his mistake and offered the client free perks along with the updated/finished product.

Shazz1177d ago

very true, they would have been better just doing a universal mp with all the best maps from the games i think. mcc is still an amazing collection for me personally had a blast doing all games in coop

ic3fir31177d ago

i have played 6 times halo 5 private beta "global beta tester network" recently Arena/warzone, I can say this on track, no lag, and stable 60frames

Thunder_G0d_Bane1177d ago

Cant they just bring the release date forward? Lool

I plan to go sick a week from work on release :D

SliceOfTruth8881177d ago

The only people who think this game is going to have online issues on day 1 are fanboys.

freshslicepizza1176d ago

or maybe the people who bought the mcc? microsoft needs to get this one right.

SliceOfTruth8881172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

its insane that anyone would compare these 2 when its 2 different development the beta was blazing fast

FunkyGoron1177d ago

As long as it works as well as MCC collection did.

1177d ago
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