‘Metal Gear Solid V’: From tight corridors to open worlds

Popoptiq: Metal Gear Solid has traditionally been about successive corridors, lengthy cinematics, and narrative inertia. Each military compound, ruined city, or virgin forest would lead to the next and players would run or crawl or tiptoe headlong into an epic finale. Environments would be interactive and dense with secrets, but they would also be small and the connections between them straightforward. Players would feel trapped, stuck to a conveyor belt. Which was thematically apt because the protagonists were always pawns, susceptible to betrayal. Metal Gear Solid investigated what freedom and agency mean in designed products like video games, long before the theme became fashionable after Portal and The Stanley Parable.

Now we have The Phantom Pain. Our hero, Venom Snake, no longer takes orders from anyone. He’s his own Big Boss! And so the game naturally opens up. Vast terrains, humid grasslands, and sandy mountains; dozens of bite-sized missions that fragment your global destinations; a narrative weaved less during cutscenes than through marginalia like audio recordings. Gameplay can be chaotic. There are few rigid and linear paths, only a broad perimeter and scattered enemy locations. Anything, it seems, is possible.

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1174d ago
ironcrow23861174d ago

although MGS5 was my cherry breaker re: metal gear solid; but from what ive seen only the 1st was "tight restricted corridors" imo :)

WitWolfy1174d ago

If the whole MGS TPP was like the prologue I'd be worshiping the ground Kojima walked on.

caseh1174d ago

What, waiting 10 minutes for a Dr to tell you you're a bit stuffed and then crawling about with one arm for another 15. Hoho, yay!

WitWolfy1174d ago

What? No. What I meant was it felt more like a traditional game. I never wanted the mission to end.

MysticStrummer1174d ago

If the whole game was like the prologue I'd have liked the game much less. That was easily the weakest part of the game for me.

A friend of mine picked up the game after I assured him it was different from the past MGs, where he enjoyed the gameplay but not the endless cut scenes. He played through the prologue and texted me "Yeah this is MGS all right. An hour of game time with 5 minutes of game play". Now that he's in the open world he texts me about how cool this and that feature are and he's loving the game.

Just goes to show… opinions.

WitWolfy1173d ago

Your post just gave me cancer...

Nivekki1173d ago


I hope you're being serious.

MysticStrummer1173d ago

Your closed mind gave you cancer.