The Taken King Is So Good It's Making Fans Out Of Destiny Haters

Destiny had its fair share of haters when it came out a year ago, and I was one of them. After anxiously waiting for its release I felt let down by its failure to deliver on its promises. My review and many others shared this same experience, resulting in a 76 Metascore that shocked gamers who were led to believe that it would be something special.

A year later I'm reminded of how much of a difference patches and DLC can make. The Taken King has arrived, and against all odds it's made me a fan of Destiny. Let's go over how this inconceivable notion is possible.

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BigBosss1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

When I first purchased the game day 1, it was good for 2 months. Sold the game afterwards and 8 months late re-purchased the legendary edition and it was the best choice made of my life. Game is way better now then before, tons of content, finally a proper story, new weapons, etc. Definitely worth getting the game now guys :)

Good read by the way!

lipton1011177d ago

Ugh. I bought the $90 digital version of destiny and actually quit before the expansion packs even came out.

So is it worth It to spend another $40?

I want to get back into it, but I also have Soma, MGSV and FIFA 16 all begging my attention in the limited hours of gaming I have.

Too many awesome games... No time to play them :-/

ninsigma1177d ago

Definitely worth it. I was the same, quit before the first expansion but bought ttk.
Unfortunately it'll cost more than 40, as far as I'm aware to get ttk alone for 40 you need to have the first 2 expansions. So you'd need to get those first or buy the legendary edition.

As for your other game, I would finish soma and mgs 5 before getting destiny the split your time between it and fifa 16.

There really has been an explosion of awesomeness in this game since ttk. Joining a clan also makes it heaps better!

suckingeggs1178d ago

Destiny cod halo.... Sooo many fps this holiday

Think I'm gonna go the jRPG route and take a break from shooters this holiday... Though halo is tempting bigtime

SeanScythe1177d ago

I have to admit, I bought it finally. I was in the beta and it was so boring and repetitive with no rewards. I finally jumped in and started playing with friends and it's been really fun.

Saithraphim1177d ago

I cant stop playing this game, its just an amazing experience. I heard some complaints that the limited number of classes were a problem but sometimes too many options can be daunting. i have my Warlock and my Titan (now with 3 sub classes) and i am perfectly satisfied. Great article btw.

Shinuz1177d ago

So what exactly is the difference now? Do you still have to grind the same missions over and over? Do the ghost still have to hack, unlock countless device, terminals and or door while your protect him? Do you still need to go online to learn about the little bit of story and or lore? That's what turned me off completely from the game.

ninsigma1177d ago

The grind isn't anywhere near as tedious as the original game. Drops are plenty now and light level goes up steadily. Doesn't start to become really grind until you're just below raid level (where I am now) and it's harder to get drops that will bring you up. There is still scanning stuff with the ghost but it isn't as prominent as the original. Grimoire cards are still online but the story for ttk is pretty much self contained within the expansion. It still isn't as large as other story games though but it is an improvement. There's a lot more content too. There's just a never ending supply of quests to do. I have so many left and I still need to do the raid and court of oryx. Heck, I haven't even completed a nightfall yet!

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