Destiny: How to "Easily" Get the Black Spindle Exotic


We show you how to obtain this extremely difficult to acquire exotic weapon that never has to be reloaded.

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Sirch1116d ago (Edited 1116d ago )

What am I missing? Didn't bungie say that this is only do-able when it is the daily heroic?

This is no longer the daily heroic, and will likely not be one again any time soon until they nerf the gun.

So old news that really isn't relevant any more?

Asuka1116d ago

no you are right. It can only be done during as the Daily, so we gotta wait for it to show up again.

The video was actually posted in on the 23rd, but it just now hit n4g

ninsigma1116d ago

Yup only daily heroic. But they said it's going to come up more frequently than others, probably not again though until the nerf it.

cell9891116d ago

I got mine at 310 stats, and used it to infuse my legendary sniper to 307. Then went to the blue prints and bought it again for an exotic shard and 2500 glimmer at 300 attack. Which you can also infuse into other special weapons that are below 300 attack. Do it as many times as you can afford