Does Final Fantasy XII Even Deserve The New HD Treatment?

It seems we're getting closer to an official announcement but do the die-hard Final Fantasy followers even care about an HD Remaster for FFXII?

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VideoChums1182d ago

Yes, it's one of the best Final Fantasy games.

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Davi1231182d ago

I think not. FFXII have the gameplay that i always want in a FF game, except the way we control the espers and how any of them don't have a real impact in the combat. But, the history...... is incredibly boring as hell! Nothing comparable with FFVII, FFVIII or FFX!

Yahdaree1182d ago

I would be excited because I actually never played this game.

nitus101181d ago

I still have my PS2 version and it looks quite nice graphically when played on my BC PS3 to my 55" HDTV.

FF12 is the first and to date only FF game that did not move you into what I call a "Fight Arena". Basically you could always see the enemy coming and you fought in the area you were originally in, not only that but you could even move around as well. Some Major Boss battles were traditional however there were only a few of those.

Being able to move around the battle field was a great feature especially when confronting creatures that were three to five times your height.

Another thing FF12 did was to bring back active turn-base combat although you could switch to turn-base if the action got too hectic. FF4, FF5 and FF6 also had switchable active turn-base and turn-base while all other FF's up to FF10 were turn based only.

FF13 and FF13-2 were active turn base only although they had a more simplified program attribute setup than the one FF12 had.


I hardly ever called out the espers since pretty much all enemies could be destroyed with combinations of buffs, healing and attack spells as well as brute force. You could even switch your characters out and switch in a fresher character in a similar way to FF10.

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PhoenixUp1182d ago

Of course it does, this is the only mainline Final Fantasy game that hasn't been rereleased on another platform

PhoenixUp1182d ago

FFIX was rereleased on PSN

gantarat1182d ago

I don't have PS 3 or PS 4.

Spenok1182d ago

Exactly. I seriously can't wait for this to come out. It honestly can't be soon enough.

Tiqila1182d ago

bought a ps2 a couple of months ago to play through this again. Mine stopped working and since Sony refuses to support BC for the PS3/PS4 there was no other way...

That said, PS2 was really cheap and I wasn't aware of how small that latest model was... looks amazing.

Spenok1182d ago


I was talking about the one on Xbox 360/PS3. You're talking about Till The End of Time. Which is also a great one, and one of my personal favorites.

GenuineGamer1182d ago

Hell yes 12 is my favourite

Spectre_StatusN71182d ago

XII is so underrated. Haven't played the game since I had my PS2, this is day one for me.

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