Arslan: The Warriors of Legend’s PS4/PS3 Differences Detailed; Reason for Xbox One Version Explained

Arslan: The Warriors of Legend's Producer Shigeto Nakadai explained some of the differences between the PS4 and PS3 version, and why Koei Tecmo decided to announce the Xbox One version only for the west.

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DanielGearSolid1003d ago

Just played the demo. Pretty hot

X-231003d ago

You mean there's a demo? Thanks. I'll get right on that.

DanielGearSolid1002d ago (Edited 1002d ago )

Heads up

You need a Japanese PSN account to download it

feraldrgn1003d ago (Edited 1003d ago )

Cool anime, but I'm not really into musou games.
Though it's not like they have many options with Arslan I guess.

fuzzyinthepants1003d ago

Yes. I will be buying this for xb1 the day it comes out.

BG115791003d ago

Kudos for Nakadai San for understanding that westerners like j-inspired games. Most of the times Japanese companies don't realize that some of their games would sell well or average at least if they released them here.
The gaming J-industry needs more guys like him!

RedDevils1002d ago

Not bad, another bad Dynasty game lol

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