Blood Bowl 2 Review - Warhammer Meets Football Once More and the Results Can Be Deadly | COG

COG writes - The Blood Bowl returns in everyone's favorite football and Warhammer Fantasy crossover! Sporting big improvements, Cyanide has done this sequel justice.

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MercilessDMercer1176d ago

'Warhammer meets football'... SOLD!

1176d ago
generalwinter1176d ago

Definitely have to get this one!

dead_pixels1176d ago

Really wishing we requested code for this.

MzDino1176d ago

Wow, it surprisingly sounds really good. I'm not a big fan of football, but may give this a shot.

Skate-AK1176d ago

It doesn't play like football at all though so beware. I would watch YouTube gameplay before you get it if you are expecting it to be like Blitz or something.

iceman061176d ago

It's more of a tactical role-playing type game with football as the backdrop. Think more Final Fantasy Tactics. Moves are turn based and actions are determined by a roll of the dice. Each player is it's own "character" that can be leveled and even die during matches.

MRBIGCAT1176d ago

I need to play this NOW.

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