Japanese Gamers Really Loved PS4’s Horizon: Zero Dawn, Dragon Quest Builders and More at TGS 2015

Sony had a rich line-up at Tokyo Game Show, and its livestreams were watched by a quite relevant number of viewers. How did Japanese gamers like them? That’s actually quite easy to find out, as Nico Nico asks viewers to judge what they saw at the end of each broadcasts.

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DarkOcelet1031d ago

How can they hate Horizon when it have Mecha Dinos? Thats like Grendizer $hit lol.

I used to love Grendizer and Mazinger. They were awesome.

Abriael1031d ago

Haha, we had Grendizer, Mazinger and all of Go Nagai's robots in Italy too. That's what built up my childhood :D

DarkOcelet1031d ago

They were good times. Platinum games should seriously make a game with Grendizer or Mazinger. That would be so badass.

Abriael1031d ago

That would just be so immensely cool that I can't quantify it.

Playable Venus A with Oppai Missiles is the natural evolution of Bayonetta :P

NewMonday1030d ago

strangely Grendizer wasn't very popular in Japan as other Super Robots, was behind Mazenger, Getter Robo and other obscure ones.

Mazenger and Getter got several remakes, but only thing Grendizer got was an animated trailer for a new manga.

as for a super robot games I would love if it was like MH/Soul Sacrifice/Freedom Wars

q8kik1031d ago

Mazinkaizer rules them all!

XanderZane1031d ago

I have the full US season of Grandizer on DVD. It's still awesome. Used to watch it when I was in High School. That's how old those shows are. It was part of the ForceFive series that included Danguard Ace, StarVengers, Gaiking, Grandizer & Spacekateers. I miss watching those toons.

DarkOcelet1031d ago

Yeah, i really don't understand why every cartoon/animes this day sucks. They don't make them like they used to be.

The hand drawn stuff was way better than the crap we get today.

Attack On Titan and very select few animes/cartoon are amazing. The rest is just crap.

Bathyj1030d ago

I just got Cowboy Beebop on Bluray. Cant wait to revisit that. Anime looks so nice on Bluray.

wakeNbake1030d ago

You should watch GANGSTA its a great show with lots of action and interesting characters best anime Ive seen in a while.

NewMonday1030d ago

Mazinger HEN is a great modern remake with a dark story

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Aloy-Boyfriend1031d ago

Horizon is Love, Horizon is life

HmongAmerican1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

Some of the inspiration are from zoids so you are right. Also both of them are resemble even the story.

Relientk771031d ago

Horizon is just absolutely epic

S2Killinit1031d ago

I NEED Dragon Quest Builders!

FoxyGotGame1031d ago (Edited 1031d ago )

Actually I can see a lot of different Gamer's liking Horizon Zero Dawn. It has that kind of universal appeal IMO.

Personally, I much prefer a Female lead character in my games if it's appropriate, and I will always create a female character using a games creation tools. In fact, every memorable character in the past 20 or so years for me has been Female ...what can I say, I love Women /

Bathyj1030d ago

EVERY memorable character?

You cant think of ONE male character in 20 years?

Its great you like female protagonists but you could be exaggerating a bit.

FoxyGotGame1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

Exaggerating when I'm simply sharing my experience & for speaking my personal preferences alone? Can a person not even relay what they feel/think without somebody questioning them?

"FOR ME" < every Memorable Character in 20 years of 'My' experience with Gaming, has been FEMALE. What's the freaking problem with that? I think people have a right to express what is their own experience/preferences without doubters jumping on every comment.

How would you like for me to comment you're exaggerating in your comments, and I don't know what goes on in your head Bathyj? You probably wouldn't be pleased...because it's your mind, know yourself, right? ..Jeez /

TheDrunkenJester1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

ThatPSguy 5.1.1* That's N4G for you... if you don't share their same opinion then they will let you know. Especially if you have anything remotely close to constructive criticism about ANYTHING Sony related...

MysticStrummer1030d ago

"Especially if you have anything remotely close to constructive criticism about ANYTHING Sony related…"

Especially when it's brought up out of thin air, as you just did.

I too find it hard to believe he can't think of one memorable male character in 20 years of gaming, but if that's truly the case… whatever.

Bathyj1029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )

Geeze guys, overreact much? I was criticizing, I just dont find what he said likely. In praising women characters he was a little over exuberant and making out like there are no good male characters.

And what does criticizing Sony have to do with anything? Youre making a leap there. Looking for smoke and yelling fire. He didnt criticize Sony, and I didnt criticize him.

He got on his high horse though about being able to express an opinion and I agree with that fundamental right, but thats a door that swings both ways. My comment was MY OPINION. You cant whine youre entitled to yours and then try to dismiss mine. Youre free to disagree with it but not to stop me from having it.

Now back to my original comment are you saying
Marcus Fenix
Nathan Drake
Pagan Min
Gordon Freeman
Sam Fisher
Eddie Riggs
Sly Cooper
Cole McGrath
Booker Dewitt
The Director
Duke Nukem
Crash Banicoot
Ryo Hazuki
Phoenix Wright
Agent 47
Ratchet & Clank
Jak & Daxter
Sam & Max
Banjo & Kazooie
JC Denton
Max Payne
Alan Wake
John Marston
Solid Snake/Big Boss

just to name a few, ARENT memorable?

Hey, I love the girls too, but he/she must have a terrible memory or he/she hates men.

TheDrunkenJester1029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )

Mystic Strummer* I brought up Sony because I was talking about opinions, and on this site especially, if you say anything not pro Sony you get murdered... This site is the only gaming site (that I visit every now and again) where people actually take the time to let you know your opinion is 100% wrong because it's not their opinion, and like Bathyj, he still can't let it go...

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