Until Dawn was so good, we spoiled ourselves

The Quit or Continue gang reveal all in this special Until Dawn spoilercast. Listen as they unmask the killer, reveal the many plot twists, and take a little too much glee in discussing the teens multiple gory deaths.

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HereThereBeGamers1179d ago

Loved Until Dawn, but agree that the ending (without spoiling anything) was a bit weak. The way the plot twists makes much of the earlier part of the game mean less than it should which is a shame. Still, the game's great regardless, just could have been even better.

Kipster1179d ago

The game definitely takes a turn. I agree, I don't really feel it was necessary, and I would have liked the story to stay on its original course. Cracking game though, regardless!

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TricksterArrow1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Actually, I loved the twist. My only two complaints are the lack of screentime to a couple of characters and the lack of more situations in which some characters could've changed places with others (kinda like Chris and Ashley did at some point). Even if the scenarios played out the same, it'd be interesting to see other characters react to them.

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