Indie Horror Game The Dark Inside Me Takes Terror to a New Level

The new horror game takes you on a dark psychological journey to discover the scariest place imaginable - the darkness inside yourself.

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Digital_Anomaly1062d ago

I've already spent my yearly 'underpants allowance' so I'll probably steer clear, lol.

N4G3RZ1062d ago

This game is based on true story. Do not play it if you fear of having nightmares. I really wish someone would make PT demo into a full game.

blakstarz1062d ago

I don't see anywhere where it says its based on a true story....

Venox20081061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

well, closest thing at the moment for P.T is Allison Road

GrapesOfRaf1062d ago

Oh man this one's pretty brutal. I really like the dynamic scenario; when done right this sort of thing can really add a lot of replay value.

MRBIGCAT1062d ago

Holy hell this looks spooky!

Der_Kommandant1062d ago

The title sounds like an interracial porn video.

Scatpants1062d ago

I keep thinking dork inside me when I read it. I don't think the phrase "inside me" should be used for anything but porn.

TeamLeaptrade1062d ago

Looks pretty good. I like the point and click type adventure it looks to be. I will have to check this one out.