The Last of Us PS4 Dynamic Theme is Pretty Darn Good, Have a Look at it in Action

The Last of Us is celebrating 'Outbreak Day' with a brand new, spooky dynamic theme on PS4. Check out the theme in a few screenshots and a bit of video.

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Derekvinyard131182d ago

Could have been better. It mostly just black

chrish19901182d ago

But that music! Goosebumps man

Knushwood Butt1181d ago

There's music with the theme?

pinkcrocodile751181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Themes can be great and this looks good, better than most. Although I've been there and done that years ago and lost the interest and here's why...

I had a Windows 98 theme in our office, it was a small officefor SQL / Software meetings and my machine had speakers on loud as my hearing is a little off at times, especailly in front of server banks back then were even noisier than todays.

Anyway during our meeting with American bosses (including one uptight woman in her 50's) my windows 98 machine decided to error and of course it used a theme soundbite from Silence of the Lambs, yes you can probably guess what coming... So did migs!

All of a sudden a voice whispered from behind this woman "I can smell your C#nt"

I don't think I've seen anyone go that shade of red before.... True story too.

Fair warning!

The_Devil_Hunter1181d ago

Does anyone know what I can do to get the theme? I purchased it yesterday but it doesn't give me the option to download the theme, the "Download" box is empty and when I press it, it simply doesn't do anything.

Sono4211181d ago

I mean it's pretty good.. but the Uncharted Collection has the absolute best theme in my opinion. It has the music, awesome emblems, and amazing background.

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WildArmed1182d ago

Yeah.. pretty bland.

Still love the paper dynamic theme.

KwietStorm1182d ago

Yea it's hard to say this is pretty darn good after seeing the design of the Oddworld theme.

opoikl1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

I would've preferred the yellow spores covering the screen taken from the loading screen when you load up the game for the first time. That really is a thing of beauty.

IamTylerDurden11181d ago

The free Oddworld theme is extremely impressive, download it if you haven't. The only thing that isn't great imo about the Oddworld theme is the music/sound fx, they are a bit off-putting. Regardless, thank you Mr. Lanning.

Some pretty decent sales for Outbreak Day, and i definitely think 99¢ is worth it for TLoU dynamic theme.

Extra Point: there is another free Witcher theme (static) which released last week.

JustGamin851182d ago

Not really into it, but boy i'd buy it in a heart beat if Naughty dog would release some new maps lol. I know I know Uncharted and TLOU2, i hope when TLOU2 comes out they release the game with plenty of maps. *Fingers crossed**

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Kidmyst1181d ago

I keep changing my theme back to one of the Aqua Kitty themes, like the older bit music with it.

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Adexus1182d ago

I really like it, it's simple yet elegant and it doesn't distract my eyes which I really like.

Just waiting for them to fix the price on the UK/EU store.

Knushwood Butt1181d ago

Yeah, it's subtle and kind of creepy.

Something more in your face could get old quick.

I think I've reverted to the default ps4 theme at present, so this would be a good fit for me.

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GoldPunch-TR1182d ago

Damn! theme is 5fps or like that.

Aenea1182d ago ShowReplies(3)
Aenea1181d ago

Wow, people really can't take a joke can they?

Ahytys1182d ago

I still don't get why people pay for themes on ps4. They should be free

forgetmenot1182d ago

Fully agree , THe companies can make official but i would like the option

Aloy-Boyfriend1182d ago

Because some of them are cool and it takes work for them.

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