GamesBeat: Microsoft’s Phil Spencer on the importance of Halo 5 to the fate of the Xbox One

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi interviews Microsoft Xbox head Phil Spencer about the company's biggest game of the fall and the console battle with Sony.

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Justiceleague1176d ago

Very relevant for Microsoft and the Xbox fans. Good luck to Microsoft!

3-4-51176d ago

Can't wait to play Halo 5.

Halo 4 was the only one I didn't like and returned it 3 days later. It just sucked.

Halo 1,2,3+ Reach were all really fun games to play.

They all did something to advance the series forward and it looks like Halo 5 is no different.

* When Halo 5 was first announced I wasn't super excited because of the taste left over by Halo 4, but the more I see of Halo 5, the more I want to play it.

* Maps that we've seen are already better than Halo 4's maps, which were, IMO, the worst maps in the history of far.

* All the game modes look good and fun to play, while also feeling different enough to not get bored with.

* REQ system sounds like a win so far, but we obviously still need to see more.

* Really looking forward to Halo 5 shipping with 20+ Free maps and all the map updates / Free DLC that follows.

Halo MCC had issues because there focus was 100% on Halo 5.

If MCC does bad..o well, we've already had a great time with those games originally.

If Halo 5 doesn't do good, then there is a bit of a problem. Not a huge one, but enough that and impact will be felt.

Can't wait to play Halo 5 4v4 Arena.

Justiceleague1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

I'm sure Halo 5 will do well since it's their biggest franchise

KiwiViper851176d ago

Im playing Halo4 right now for the first time, and can't for the life of me see why people don't like it.

It has a more compelling story in the first hour than Halo 1,2,3 combined IMO (having completed these games a little while ago, also for the first time)

After playing through 1&2, I was kinda thinking Halo wasn't for me, and after a month or two, decided to spartan on. Halo 3 was much better in every way and got me hyped to play 4.

I'm only a few hours into Halo4 but so far, it is absolutely my favourite. It is an unbelieveable jump in quality compared to 3, considering they were release on the same system.

While I thought Bungie was a great developer and delivered a great Trilogy, im now placed firmly in the camp that believes 343i has taken Halo to another level.

Maybe the criticism was for the multiplayer, as I go nowhere near it.

Two months ago, I had no plans to get Halo5, but now i'm getting a day one, midnight launch kinda feeling...

freshslicepizza1176d ago

from the article,
"In order for us to realize what we want to realize, the financials have to work. This is why at certain times, when people will push on, “Hey, should Xbox console games go to PC? Why are you guys focusing on Windows?”—People have to step back and see that the more games we sell, the more people who are buying games on Xbox Live, the better the business is and the more we can invest in it. For Xbox fans, it creates more opportunity.

You see the lineup of games we have right now and say it’s the best lineup we’ve ever had. That’s because you get into a stronger financial position and you’re able to invest more and see the benefit of that investment. If selling games on Windows and Xbox means we get to invest more and build more, that’s a great thing for people who care about the Xbox brand."

you make more money on software and membership fess than you do on hardware sales. this is why pushing windows 10 is such a forefront for microsoft since it is the first time they have so many devices running on it.

76erz241176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Granted I'm a huge Halo fan but I really think this game has the potential to be one of if not the best game of the entire year. Now I've played Bloodborne (which I loved), along with Witcher 3 and MGSV, and all of those are great games. But I just can't shake the excitement of what Halo 5 is offering.
A campaign twice the length of an average Halo story has me salivating after the character and story building chops 343 showed off in 4. Add that on top of 4 player co-op a new main character, and the introduction of Blue team. The multiplayer is what really has me counting down the days though. The beta was truly awesome and solidified my confidence in the games competitive pvp, but adding a large scale Titanfall/Battlefield type of mode in the form of Warzone just adds to that. And I haven't even seen anything about co-op or forge modes yet!
It's been a long time since I think we've had a truly classic shooter come out, maybe since Bioshock Infinite, but if any game is gonna do it Halo 5 looks to have as good a chance as any.

user99502791176d ago

Yeah really everything sounds great, quality looks amazing and amount of content is through the roof. Warzone just puts it over the top.

However it was definitely the Beta that pretty well confirmed this would be my personal GOTY. I'm a long time Halo fan as well and the gunplay was just so absolutely spot on that I cant imagine any other shooters challenging it this holiday.

shmeedy246851176d ago

Halo 5 is going to suck, such an overrated gaming series!

danny8181176d ago

lol what do you call cod or uncharted 4?

shmeedy246851176d ago

Not getting Black Ops 3, COD has been in a decline for the last 5 years or so & I do like the Uncharted series but I hated the Last of Us so I'm mixed about Uncharted 4, especially after seeing a few key people who worked on Uncharted leave Naughty Dog.

81BX1176d ago

I call the uncharted series the same thing i call halo,gears,and the zelda series.... f'ing EPIC!!!!

spicelicka1176d ago

and what if you're scientifically you're wrong?

Paytaa1176d ago

I would go off on a tangent as to why Halo is not overrated but I'd only be feeding a troll.

@danny818 I agree that modern CoD is overrated but to say Uncharted 4 is overrated is ignorant.

shmeedy246851176d ago

It's just not a game series for me, if people enjoy it then that's great for them. I've given Halo a fair shot multiple times to see if I could get into it but it's a game that doesn't excite me & after 343i's cock up of The MasterChief Collection, Halo 5 doesn't fill me with confidence!

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q8kik1176d ago

"What’s the latest on gaming with HoloLens? Do you think it’s better for players in some ways than PlayStation VR?"

Spencer replied: "VR will be the better solution for many years"

There you have it folks.

MeliMel1176d ago

I think he meant vr for gaming is the bettet solution. Hololens will have its own perks over vr.

Bigpappy1176d ago

I don't plan on buying into either anytime soon.

81BX1176d ago

Yeah, i really like the idea of both but i think its gonna release and need some tweeking.

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