F-Zero GX Voice Actor Joins FAST Racing NEO on Wii U

Jack Merluzzi, the voice actor for countless video games including F-Zero GX on GameCube, will fill a similar role in Shin'en's Fast Racing NEO on Wii U.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1030d ago who's voice is he gonna do?
The announcer for various Menu items? The count-down for the start of the race and the finish line announcer?

Those are all I can think of, because I don't remember there being any pilots tied to the cars in FR-NEO that would need any voice acting...

WPX1030d ago

"You got boost power"
"FINISH!!! Alright, first place!!!"
"Broken down!"

Yeap those voices. Though they seemed to have an insinificant role at first but have an amazing lasting effect of familiarity that go way beyond.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1029d ago

I heard him say something when you get on the final lap.

Maybay1030d ago

Shin'en will probably do wave race next.

Nintendo needs indie developers to make genuine sports titles on the 3DS and Wii U.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1029d ago

Nah. They said they want to work on F-Zero if Nintendo let em.

Maybay1029d ago

That's cool. I hope Nintendo adds Shin'en to their family (buy them out) so they can develop eshop titles, and make great gaming engines.

higgins781030d ago

Looks/sounds extremely promising. Also, what's become of 90's Arcade Racer?

WPX1029d ago

As far as I know, it's still on track(excuse the pun) but personally I don't know when is the final release date.

... the waiting is killing me.

superchiller1029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )

You can view the "progress report" on game's kickstarter page, but only if you're a backer of the project:

Seems like development of the game has been pretty slow.

Edit: Twitter page for the developer, Pelikan13, has no activity since May of this year:

Edit2: A lot of upset people in the comments section of the 90s Arcade Racer kickstarter page, the game us almost 2 years overdue, with very few updates recently from the developer: