More photos revealed for the Rock Band 4 instruments

Additional photos have been revealed for the Rock Band 4 instruments.

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KiwiViper851180d ago

I like the guitar better than GHL, but think the improvements to GHL will make it a better game overall

WeAreLegion1180d ago

Oh, good. I'm glad they had millions of the old ones lying around.

I'm excited to play Rock Band again, but this game is so bare bones.

HRoach6161180d ago

They look identical to my old set I gave to a friend. I can't see any difference.

Side note. I think I had the second or third gen equipment. Not the rockband 3 set. But the one before that with the "wood" guitar neck.

So for anyone who was curious you already know what they look like.

psplova1180d ago

Drums should have had the cymbals this time around imo.. Oh well, got mines..

LordofYogurt1180d ago

I wish these games would just die